Ms. Pham Tu Uyen – Deputy General Director

Ms. Pham Tu Uyen has more than 11 years of experiences in Legal, Customs and Logistics Advisory Services in Vietnam and Korea. Ms. Tu Uyen is a key member of various Legal and Customs Advisory Projects for Multinational Corporations, Foreign-invested Companies in Vietnam (especially Korea, Japan), Vietnam Companies and State-owned Companies/General Corporations. Besides, Ms. Phuong is also managing consulting and providing International Customs Advisory Services and Logistics Services of MACTVN.

With extensive knowledge and experiences as well as diverse relationships, Ms. Tu Uyen contributes great values to the professional Services provided by MACTVN to Clients.

Ms. Tu Uyen currently holds the following Certificates and Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Hanoi Law University – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Bachelor of Finance Academy – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Certified Public Auditor – Vietnam Ministry of Finance;
  • Lawyer Practicing Certificate – Vietnam Ministry of Justice;
  • Customs Practice Certificate – Vietnam General Department of Customs.

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