Mr. Pham Quoc Viet – Chairman cum General Director

Mr. Pham Quoc Viet has more than 15 years of experiences in Tax, Financial and Legal Consulting in Vietnam and Singapore. Mr. Viet has participated in a variety of Legal, Tax and Financial Advisory projects for Multinational Corporations and Foreign-invested Companies in Vietnam (Korea, Japan, China, Japan, France, Italy, Germany…), Companies with Vietnam capital and State-owned Companies/General Corporations. Therefore, Mr. Viet has a deep understanding of the Legal, Tax and Financial fields of Vietnam and International Accounting and Auditing Standards. Mr. Viet is responsible for MACTVN’s operation and overall management of the Company’s global Service quality.

Over a long period of working in the consulting field, Mr. Viet has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge as well as diverse relationships with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in Vietnam and Foreign Partners and Clients around the world.

Mr. Viet currently holds the following Certificates and Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Foreign Trade University – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Bachelor of Hanoi Law University – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • ACCA of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – England;
  • Certified Public Auditor – Vietnam Ministry of Finance;
  • Lawyer Practicing Certificate – Vietnam Ministry of Justice;
  • Chief Accountant Certificate – Academy of Finance, Vietnam;
  • Tax Practice Certificate – Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

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