Mr. Pham Minh Ngoc – Deputy General Director

Mr. Pham Minh Ngoc has more than 12 years of experiences in the field of Financial, Accounting, Auditing Advisory Services in Vietnam and China. Mr. Ngoc is a key member of a variety of Legal and Tax Advisory Projects for Multinational Corporations, Foreign-invested Companies in Vietnam (especially China), Companies with Vietnamese and the State-owned Companies/Corporations.

With extensive knowledges and experience as well as diverse relationships, Mr. Ngoc is confident that he can contribute great values ​​to the professional services that MACT Vietnam provides to Clients.

  • Bachelor of Hanoi Law University – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Bachelor of Banking Academy – Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Certified Public Auditor – Vietnam Ministry of Finance;
  • Lawyer Practicing Certificate – Vietnam Ministry of Justice;
  • Valuation Practicing Certificate – Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

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